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Bills now just following in the dust of the Sabres

June 30, 2011
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At the unveiling of the new jerseys a few days ago, I noticed an image of something that really drove home how far the Bills as an organization have fallen behind.  It was an image of a new carpet in the Bills locker room.  In the center of the carpet was, you guessed it, a Bills logo.  They are now so bad, that now they can’t even come up with new ideas on their own?  There’s no doubt in my mind that Russ Brandon would have never thought to put the new carpet in had it not been for the Sabres doing the same just months before.

Ralph Wilson is holding us hostage, something in which I refused to believe for years.

Real Creative, Russ!

He is too old, inept, greedy, or whatever you’d like to call it for the Bills to have a shot at success.  Too many times, people have said “You should just be happy to have a team.”  I’ve even said it from time to time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bills and would be extremely angry if they’re moved when Ralph passes on.

I’m sick of excuses.  Now that the Sabres are beginning to spoil me, it’s become agitating when there is any news about the Bills.  It’s sad to see the team I’ve put so much effort into, both physiologically and with my wallet, drifting further and further into irrelevancy each year.

I still have to cling to those teams that never won a Super Bowl over 15 years ago to find any sort of pride in the team.  They didn’t even win one.  We deserve better.  We haven’t had a hall of famer play for us, save an aging TO with no where else to go, in over a decade.  Our only hope now, is that the next owner keeps the team in town.  Until that happens, we’ll just be waiting until April every year, hoping our top 10 pick doesn’t go the way of Aaron Maybin.  I haven’t been excited about the Bills in December since Willie Parker and James Harrison stomped all over our dreams in 2004.  Parkers already washed up, which helps show how long Buffalo has been so bad.

I doubt the next owner of the Bills can live up to the start we’ve seen from Terry Pegula and the Sabres.  Thats fine, just give me an owner that can get things done, and wants to win.  I want to bring in prize free agents once in a while.  When was the last time the Bills even talked to one, let alone tried to sign one?  I want a to actually be able to keep more than one good draft pick.  It sure would be nice to still have Jabari Greer, Pat Williams, Antoine Winfield etc. still in blue and red.  I’ll still be at my tv every sunday, in some mediocre players jersey, hoping for a change.  I just fear that change will come 3 time zones away.


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