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Allstar Fan voting….asinine concept

July 5, 2011

An inexcusable snub

So, after seeing the results of fan voting for this year’s MLB All-Star game, I’ve finally realized how truly stupid it is to let moron fans click behind a mouse and decide who is worthy of being in the July classic.

The first name that jumps out at me is of course, “The Captain” Derek Jeter. The dude is clearly on his downfall. He’s batting sub .260 and has 2 home runs. Why is he going? It is because a bunch of bandwagon Yankee fans from all over the world recognize his name more than someone more deserving like an Andrew McCutchen? (If you don’t know who he is, you should, dude can play) I’m a known Yankee hater, however someone like CC Sabathia certainly deserves to be in the game, and he is not.

It’s not just baseball. I could sit and nit pick players and we could argue who should be in, who shouldn’t, for hours and hours. It’s any of the pro sports that let fan voting have an impact. It’s obviously a popularity contest. It’s the same reason Yao Ming (can i write a check? —Hope you get that reference) gets voted into the NBA All Star game when he hasn’t played in forever. There’s a lot of people in China, and they love him, so all of a sudden he’s an All Star again.

I don’t even know of a great solution. I guess I’d rather have the media do the voting, they’d certainly do better than having Yao Ming, or a .256 hitting Jeter in there. You wouldn’t have NHL fans trying to get Rory Fitzpatrick in their All Star game, or Montreal fans voting in all of their players.

It just stings more in baseball because the All Star game actually means a little something, when the winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series. I’m sure as much as they love Jeter, Yankee fans would rather have an Asdrubal Cabrera in the lineup helping their American League try and get the home field in October.

No matter what, people are going to complain, but it’s atleast fun to debate about.

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