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Paul Posluszny a Jaguar

July 26, 2011

I was really hoping my first NFL post after the lockout would be a positive one, but who am I kidding, we’re the Bills.  Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and Jason La Canfora of NFL Network are reporting that the Bills middleman will be heading off to Jacksonville on a 6 year deal:

I am not particularly thrilled with this.  While Poz is by no means a star, he was a solid starter on the backbone of the Bills defense.  Perhaps Paul lied about wanting to come back to Buffalo, and only said so in case he never found a solid offer.  Maybe the Bills low-balled him with a terrible offer, though I find that hard to believe when the team has so much cap space and the reports that they really tried to keep him.  Add another need onto the pile, a pile that is already far too high.  What makes this even worse, is the Bills general attitude towards spending in free agency.

“We’ve said from Day One we’re never going to be huge spenders in free agency”

Who will replace him?  Poz wasn’t great, but he’s sure as hell better than Kelvin Sheppard, Reggie Torbor, Chris White, Danny Batten..etc.  If you want to improve your defense, using Reggie Torbor or a untested draft pick as a starter in the middle isn’t exactly an A+.  I’d give that plan an F.  Buffalo needs to spend 99% of the cap, why not overpay?  They aren’t going after top players, so who will they spend the money on?  Who is their free agent “splash” to bring in the fans?  Todd Heap?  Marion Barber?  Maybe they could bring back Willis.  There aren’t any big names who will come to Buffalo, so again…why not overpay?

Now, I’m sure that wasn’t the Bills plan, but they better have a plan B ready.  Otherwise, we can watch Torbor make 15 tackles a game 15 yards down the field as the Bills give up 30 points a game.  Sadly, we may have to deal with this until a change of philosophy comes from a change all the way up top. 

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